Reception report form (Russian)

Increase your chance to qsl any Russian (or CIS) provincial station, even if you don't speak Russian....!
Here you find a reception report form with instructions how to fill it in, as well as printable PPCs which you may paste onto a postcard so that you will be rewarded with a full-detail QSL which you even will understand!

1. Reception report form
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This form is in WORD format, so you may edit it. The second file includes hints on how to fill the form in, and some hints about programme details. For understanding, a translation in English is given in the third file.
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The first file is for printing, the second one includes help for filling-in and for giving programme details.

2. Printable PPCs
You can print these files, which include a sheet with three PPC stickers. Cut them apart and you may paste them onto your favourite postcard to obtain a ready-for-use QSL!
Included are fields for: Name of the station, day, time (in UTC or Moscow time), frequency, power, transmitter site, stamp and signature.

I have sent lots of such reports to Russian FM stations and the replies are entirely satisfactory! :-)

Eike Bierwirth, Leipzig
Sept. 2002